Trader Joes Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flaxseed.


This peanut butter is excellent and has some flax seeds for added health benefits.  The flaxseed and peanut butter tastes great.  It’s my new favorite peanut butter.  I got this at the Trader Joes in Folsom, CA.
It has 9 grams of protein and some fat.  I think all peanut butter has fat in it.  But the added bonus here is extra protein.  I love this!

Chocolove Salt Chocolate

Chocolove salt dark chocolate with almonds.

Chocolove is divine salted chocolate.

This chocolate is divine. If you have not yet experienced the salt and sweetness of this type of chocolate you should check it out soon. I bought this Chocolove chocolate bar at the local health food store for about $2.69. You can get it at Orchard Nutrition in Redding, California. I am sure many health food stores carry it.

This particular one has almonds too, which are my favorite with dark chocolate.

Wilson Icing Colors

wilson icing colors used for confectioners icing and sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies using Wilson Icing Colors.

Recently, while browsing, at That Kitchen Place, I came across Wilson professional icing / food  colorings.

Sugar cookies with confectioners icing using Wilson icing colors.

Wilson icing colors make great decorations.

I will never go back to regular food coloring bought over the counter.  They have such a wide array of colors, and you do not have to bother with mixing because you have most what you need.  There is even a brown.

In addition, they last surprising long, as it only takes a tiny portion to add vibrant color to your icing, for instance.  Here are pictures of the box, Wilson Icing Colors.  Also pictures of some of the colors, and what we did with the icing we used the dyes in.

wilson professional icing colors

Wilson Professional Icing Colors

wilson professional icing colors

Wilson Icing Colors

Pomegranate White Tea

Pomegranate white tea, made into suntea.

Pomegranate white tea makes great ice tea.

This is great tea.   Lately I have been making green tea as sun tea and ice tea, but the other day I decided that I would try something with no caffeine.   I bought it at Trader Joe’s and it was around $2.50 I think even less.

Trader Joes pomegranate white tea.

Pomegranate white sun tea.

I used five bags in a big jug, and set it in the sun for a few hours.   The color is wonderful and the taste is ever so light.If you do not have time to set tea in the sun, or there is no sun,  then you can boil water, and let it cool briefly.  After that add the tea bags, and cool, and add ice, or refrigerate.


List of nutrition and ingredients of pomegranate white tea.

Great low calorie drink.

Pauline’s Magic Sauces from Shasta, Pesto Fresca


Paulines magic pesto fresca, from Shasta.
This is a quick and delicious fix for pesto pasta.




This pesto was delicious. I bought it a couple weeks ago at our favorite local grocery store Tops Super Market.  It was approximately $5.00, which was less than the cost to make the pesto myself.   Plus, pesto sauces, can be a bit tedious with all the peeling of garlic, and also trimming the stems off the basil.  Besides, have you noticed the price of olive oil lately?









Pesto pasta with capellin pesto and pesto fresca.

This pesto fresca is a simple and easy dinner solution.




I just boiled some of my favorite pasta, then drained it, and then put it in a bowl and added a couple tablespoons of the Pest Fresca and wham ! lunch or dinner is served. This is nice also because it is in a jar, and will last longer than some of those other premade refrigerated pesto sauces.


Electronic Code Reader

Did you check engine light come on? This electronic code reader can help you identify why the check engine light is going on. It will tell you what area of the engine may need to be repaired. It also resets the code.

Actron CP9550 Pocket Scan Plus OBD II and CAN Code Reader by Actron

  • Reads and displays MIL (malfunction indicator light) status and I/M monitors.
  • Compatible with ALL 1996 and newer vehicles.
  • Automatically reads diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Reads and displays OBD-II generic diagnostic trouble codes and definitions, as well as pending codes.
  • Reads and displays MIL status, I/M monitors, pending codes, freeze frame data, and VIN ID numbers.

Boathouse Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing


creamy yogurt blue cheese dressing

This is a great light dressing.




This blue cheese type dressing is delicious.  If you are trying to cut back on the fat and calories, but still want a creamy dressing and no artificial flavors, this might be the dressing for you.  It is a yogurt based dressing so it’s a bit tangier than other  blue cheese dressings.  It is also very light in comparison to some other heavier blue cheese dressings.


California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

California Olive ranch extra virgin olive oil from Oroville, California

Olive oil from California is delicious.


I have been trying different olive oils lately.   I found this at Safeway on sale one day for around $10.00.  We love it!  I have been cooking everything with it.  I will be purchasing this olive oil in the future.

Spain and Italy are known for their olive oil’s but California is becoming more well known for the olives and olive oil.  If you have a chance, stop at one of the Olive markets, or gourmet shops off of Interstate 5 in northern California.  You will find all kinds of gourmet specialty items.


Below is the California Olive Ranch’s website.





A tulip to celebrate the month May.

Red tulip under a tree.

I have to update this post because I found out the real story behind the fir tree.  My dad was driving up a hill in Weaverville, Rasmussen hill, and this fir tree, slid in front of his truck off a hill.  Just this small tree, and underneath a pile of red dirt.  Working for Caltran’s at the time, he put the tree in the truck and continued on with his day.  Apparently, he forgot the tree was in the back of the truck at Caltrans.  When he returned to work, he realized he had forgotten about the fir tree, and then ran it home, and planted. 

So the tree was actually planted in mid 1970’s, so it’s a bit older than I had estimated before.  I guess they were not  thinking how large the tree would grow.  The tree now completely overshadows the tulip along with the trail that the tulip is planted near.  We had to change the path of the trail because the tree got so big.  I glanced over at the tree yesterday and saw some red under the tree.  So I ventured closer and low and behold, my favorite flower, a single tulip.

Single tulip under the tree.

Love this red tulip shot with the tree branches and moss.
For this shot I was also under the tree and camera held low.

Endurance Stainless Steel Steamer for cooking.

I love to steam vegetables and this stainless steel steamer with rubber feet is perfect.  It won’t harm your stainless steel pans, or your teflon either.  Cute and handy this steamer will steam your vegetables just right.


Vegetable steamer silver, with red feet.

Stainless steel vegetable steamer, by Endurance.



I got this particular steamer at That Kitchen Place in Redding, California. Which coincidentally is also my favorite store in Redding.  They have anything and everything that you need for your kitchen.



vegetable steamer with red rubber feet

Great vegetable steamer with red rubber feet.